Supporting Schools

“I think Monday will remain with our children for life – it was a memory that they will cherish and be inspired by forever – thank you!”

Miss. Dawson - Etwall Primary School - English and DT Lead

T.M Jorden is proudly supporting schools across the country to help children enjoy reading and get excited about stories by using their imagination. 


You can learn more about T.M Jorden's work in this area by reading more below.

T.M Jorden is available for school visits (DBS certificate).

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Supporting the life-changing libraries project

Cressida Cowell MBE, Waterstones Children’s Laureate, launched a life-changing libraries project earlier this year to support UK primary schools in conjunction with the Book Trust.

Cressida Cowell is also calling on the Government to fund primary school libraries so that millions of children, particularly those from the poorest communities, don’t miss out on the opportunity to read for pleasure.

What a fantastic campaign and one that I decided to support by giving away signed paperback copies of the Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer to UK primary school libraries.

Here is a list of the schools that will receive a copy of the Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer 

  • Bells Farm Primary School, Birmingham

  • Oaks Community Primary School, Ipswich

  • Holy Trinity Primary School, Burton on Trent

  • Etwall Primary School, Derbyshire

  • Towcester C of E Primary School, Northamptonshire

  • Mapledene Primary School, Birmingham

  • Holy Rosary Catholic Voluntary Academy, Winshill

  • Pennine Way Junior Academy, Swadlincote

  • Stoneydelph Primary School, Tamworth

  • Bodsham Church of England Primary School, Nr. Canterbury

  • Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School, Nr. Canterbury

  • Christ Church CEP Academy, Folkstone

  • Woodlands Primary School, Tonbridge

  • Hilton Spencer Academy, Hilton, Derbyshire

  • The Oval School, Yardley, Birmingham

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School Visits

T.M Jorden has visited or is scheduled to visit the following schools. More dates to be confirmed...

  • Bells Farm Primary School, Birmingham - July 19th 2021 and again for World Book Day 2022

  • Etwall Primary School, Derbyshire September 20th 2021 

  • Stoneydelph Primary School, Tamworth - October 1st 2021 - Bedtime Story Day!

  • Holy Rosary Catholic Voluntary Academy, Winshill - 12th October 2021

  • Mapledene Primary School, Birmingham - Opening of the new school library 12th November 2021

  • The Oval School, Yardley, Birmingham - 26th November 2021

  • Hilton Spencer Academy, Hilton, Derbyshire - March 2022

  • Christ Church CEP Academy, Folkstone - May 2022

  • Woodlands Primary School, Tonbridge - May 2022

If you would like T.M Jorden to visit your school please get in touch with us today using the contact us form.

“I’ve had to find you [on Instagram] as both my boys have come home to tell me they’ve met a famous author today and you are a fabulous writer! Thank you for going to their school.”

New!! A planned visit to Mapledene Primary School, Sheldon, Birmingham

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I was delighted to be invited to the Mapledene Primary School Summer Fayre on 25th September to meet the Head Teacher, Miss Stephenson and Miss Young who heads up the development of their new library.

We spoke of the lack of funding for primary schools in general but also the lack of funding for books. This is exactly what Cressida Cowell's life-changing libraries project is all about and I'm thrilled that not only would they like a copy of my book for their library but they would like my support on the opening day of their new library on 12th November too - what an honour to be asked to cut the ribbon!!

I can't wait to share more information on this exciting project with you - more to follow - watch this space!!

A visit to Holy Rosary Catholic Voluntary Academy, Winshill, Burton on Trent

What a fabulous morning spent at The Holy Rosary Catholic Voluntary Academy, based in Burton on Trent, on October 12th, 2021 supporting activity for EYFS (2-5 year old) and KS1 (5-7 year old) classes.

In all classes we used the current theme of Fairy Tales, Mystery and Magic to encourage reading…

The Reception Class focused on 'All About Me', which includes their physical make-up, as well as their senses and emotions. The values – Love Honesty & Respect - within the story fitted perfectly here and we looked at words that help describe these by introducing Lord Ted – who was a big hit as always. We used the Lord Ted Fan Club website to assist with some 'outdoor learning' by looking at the Countryside Trail and Beach Trail. We then went outside as it was a lovely sunny morning, drew pictures of the campsite, tents and outdoors generally before making a massive den for all the children and Lord Ted – the amazing Mrs. Thomas generated so much interest and excitement.

Years 1 & 2 are learning about plants and how they grow. We used the story to talk about using their imagination and how to develop the characters. Then, building on the plant theme, the children created their own tree-based magical character using the trees where Poppy and Lord Ted find the fairies for the first time. Some outstanding work in both years with imaginative drawings and sentences.

We rewarded all this excellent work and effort in each class with badges and bookmarks along with Katie in Year 1 selected by the incredible Mrs. Dyche and Eva in Year 2 selected by the marvelous Miss. Fitzpatrick being awarded a signed copy of the book for their outstanding work.

Again, the teachers amaze me with their control, creativity, and patience and the children were a credit to the school and teachers.

I look forward to returning to support any follow up work later in the year. A massive thank you to Mrs. Towersey for making all this happen.

Photos to follow...

“Thank you so much for giving the children (and their teachers) a wonderful morning of exciting activities. We can't wait to have you back!"

Koren Towersey, Holy Rosary CVA Y6 Teacher and Reading Lead

A visit to Stoneydelph Primary School, Tamworth

What an incredible morning at Stoneydelph Primary School on 1st October 2021 – what a welcome and what wonderful, polite, well-mannered, and excitable children I found in Years 5 & 6. Parents and teachers should be very proud of them all.

As part of my work with primary schools I’ve been stunned at the lack of funds they receive. Many are trying to create libraries and reading environments for the children but with limited books and resources. So, after a quick tour of the school, I visited the new library and dropped off the donated books I’d collected along with their own copy of The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted. All the children and staff, along with Lord Ted and myself, were sporting a fantastic array of pyjamas to support the ‘Bedtime Reading Day’ and I was amazed just how many new books the children had brought into school to build out the library to support future classes for this critical part of a child’s education.

The morning was spent with both age groups in the hall introducing myself, the book, and Lord Ted. I spoke about the book and the inspiration to write the story. With both year groups studying the Tudors, the activities related to researching facts for the plot around The Tower of London fitted perfectly for the workshops. The children’s knowledge of what they had learned shone though and they could relate to the element of research. There then followed some splendid work with either drawing of The Tower or making the own life size images of Poppy and Lord Ted for the library followed by some great and challenging questions. I was lucky to have Georgia to look after Lord Ted and the outstanding achievements of both Chloe and Kelsey won them their own signed copies of the book which we presented at a prize giving with bookmarks, badges, and Lord Ted Fan Club certificates.

I’m looking forward to my return visit soon to sign copies of their own books – what a great morning and thank you to all the children and teachers for making me feel part of the school.

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A visit to Etwall Primary School, Derbyshire


What a wonderful experience, spending the whole day with the children at Etwall Primary School in Derbyshire on 20th September 2021.


Lord Ted was, as usual, a big hit with all the children who were all very polite and respectful - a credit to their parents and teachers

I am extremely proud that the book has encouraged work across all age groups. After reading to each year group in the main hall, I then spent time in every class with work from ‘descriptive words and sentences’, ‘character descriptions’ and ‘letter writing’, giving out awards of badges and bookmarks for great effort. I sat with the children as they worked through the set tasks. The standard of handwriting and use of vocabulary was outstanding across all classes. Needless to say, I was blown away with the love of the book and the teacher’s efforts to bring different elements to life. I have a newfound admiration for the work our teachers do today – I was exhausted!

Some of the children want to be writers, and some have already written a book! I was lucky enough to get to read some of their work – I need to up my game.

A massive thank you to Miss. Dawson and all the teachers, all the children for the warm welcome, the school dinner and all the effort that went into making this such an inspiring day for me.

I will return to the school later this school year to see progress and meet my new friends.

“I just want to say a big thanks for visiting Etwall School last week. I'm currently reading with my daughter and she hasn't stopped talking about the day and the chapter that was read. She's 8 and can relate to baking fairy cakes with her grandparents. Very inspired and confident 8 year old thoroughly enjoying her reading this week”


“So glad to hear you visited Etwall Primary School today. My son was one of the children listening and he talked about it all the way home and told me all about Poppy and Lord Ted! He loved it! Thankyou!”

"I just want to say a huge thank you for the signed copy of your book which you gave to my daughter Lucy at Etwall Primary.

She was so inspired by your visit and she was absolutely thrilled to receive the book and letter.
Thank you for taking the time to write to her. It really meant a lot."