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“I think Monday will remain with our children for life – it was a memory that they will cherish and be inspired by forever – thank you!”

Miss. Dawson - Etwall Primary School - English and DT Lead

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T.M Jorden is proudly supporting schools across the country to help children enjoy reading and get excited about stories by using their imagination. 


You can learn more about T.M Jorden's work in this area by reading more below.

T.M Jorden is available for school visits (DBS certificate).

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Supporting the life-changing libraries project

Cressida Cowell MBE, Waterstones Children’s Laureate, launched a life-changing libraries project in 2021 to support UK primary schools in conjunction with the Book Trust. She is also calling on the Government to fund primary school libraries so that millions of children, particularly those from the poorest communities, don’t miss out on the opportunity to read for pleasure.

What a fantastic campaign and one that I decided to support by giving away signed paperback copies of the Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer to UK primary school libraries. In addition I have collected over £12,000 worth of books from my local community to donate and support this critical stage in a child's education.

Here is a list of the schools that have received a copy of the Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer 

  • All Saints’ C.E. Primary School, Alrewas

  • Bells Farm Primary School, Birmingham

  • Bodsham Church of England Primary School, Nr. Canterbury

  • Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School, Nr. Canterbury

  • Christ Church CEP Academy, Folkstone

  • Church Broughton C of E (C) Primary School

  • Edge Hill Primary School, Burton on Trent

  • Etwall Primary School, Derbyshire

  • Grange School, Burton on Trent

  • Hilton Spencer Academy, Hilton, Derbyshire

  • Holy Rosary Catholic Voluntary Academy, Winshill

  • Holy Trinity Primary School, Burton on Trent

  • John of Rolleston Primary School, Burton on Trent

  • Little Eaton Primary School, Derbyshire

  • Mapledene Primary School, Birmingham

  • Oaks Community Primary School, Ipswich

  • Pennine Way Junior Academy, Swadlincote

  • Stoneydelph Primary School, Tamworth

  • The Oval School, Yardley, Birmingham

  • Towcester C of E Primary School, Northamptonshire

  • Woodlands Primary School, Tonbridge

  • Wren Park Primary School, Littleover, Derbyshire

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School Visits

T.M Jorden has visited or is scheduled to visit the following schools. More dates to be confirmed...

  • Bells Farm Primary School, Birmingham - July 19th 2021 

  • Etwall Primary School, Derbyshire September 20th 2021 

  • Stoneydelph Primary School, Tamworth - October 1st 2021 - Bedtime Story Day!

  • Holy Rosary Catholic Voluntary Academy, Winshill - 12th October 2021

  • Mapledene Primary School, Birmingham - Opening of the new school library 12th November 2021

  • The Oval School, Yardley, Birmingham - 26th November 2021

  • All Saints’ C.E. Primary School, Alrewas - 17th January 2022

  • Pennine Way Junior Academy, Swadlincote - 25th January 2022

  • John of Rolleston Primary School, Burton on Trent - 15th February 2022

  • Hilton Spencer Academy, Hilton, Derbyshire - 16th February 2022

  • Church Broughton C of E (C) Primary School - 1st March 2022

  • Grange School, Burton on Trent - 2nd March 2022

  • Bells Farm Primary School, Birmingham - World Book Day 3rd March 2022

  • Edge Hill Primary School, Burton on Trent - 4th March 2022

  • Little Eaton Primary School, Derbyshire - 15th March 2022

  • Wren Park Primary School, Littleover, Derbyshire - 28th March 2022

  • Christ Church CEP Academy, Folkstone - 16th May 2022

If you would like T.M Jorden to visit your school please get in touch with us today using the contact us form.

“I’ve had to find you [on Instagram] as both my boys have come home to tell me they’ve met a famous author today and you are a fabulous writer! Thank you for going to their school.”

A visit to Christ Church CEP Academy, Folkstone, Kent

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Christ Church 1.jpg

"The children Year 4 had a fantastic time talking with Tim. They enjoyed the question and answer session and can't wait to use his 6 steps to create a successful story"

Clare Carvill, Year 4 Teacher

"The <author> visit was great.  The activity he gave to the children was appropriate for their age and they were all able to take part.  Having information and a copy of the pdf in advance was really helpful because the children were really engaged with the whole event.  The competition was a great idea as it really motivated the children. The badges were a great success, and many children are still wearing theirs"

Mrs C. Avery, Year 3 class teacher


I finally got to meet the children of the Christ Church Academy in Folkstone on 16th May ’22; they reached out to me a long time ago. This was my first seaside town school visit with Lord Ted during a week’s holiday in the lovely Kent countryside.

We started the day with a full assembly of 440 children for introductions; it was humbling to hear just how many children have been reading the story. I then set the KS1 Children a character challenge where two lucky children won their own signed copy of The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted; The First Summer!

I then visited the classrooms of Years 3 & 4 where we worked together in a ‘Developing a Story Structure’ workshop and Years 4 & 5 an ‘Editing a Story’ workshop. All years had some great and very challenging questions anything from book related, my favourite colour, favourite McDonald’s meal and what three things would I take to a desert island. And of course everyone received a Lord Ted Fan Club badge.

At the end of the day there was a very successful book sale where the children purchased their very own signed copy.

Thank you to all the teachers and children of Christ Church Academy for such a welcoming and brilliant day.

A visit to Wren Park Primary School, Littleover, Derbyshire

Another new school on 28th March 2022 to add to my growing list - Wren Park Primary School in Littleover, Derbyshire. After all the excitement of the previous week and lots of presentation visits for the competition, it was back to what I love best - talking to children about reading, writing and The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted.


I was following up my book donations at Wren Park Primary School; I provided over £1,500 worth of books for their library late 2021 and it was great to see these in their hall library – but more is needed so I will endeavour to collect additional books in the coming weeks.


After a separate assembly for KS1 and KS2 where I introduced myself and Lord Ted, it was reading and writing workshops for Year 3 and 4 followed by author talks and Q&A with Years 5 & 6.

The day did not disappoint and certainly the most challenging Year 6 questions I have ever faced – Florence, Class 6BP, should certainly consider a future role as a TV interviewer!

Great fun, very well-mannered children – thanks for making me feel welcomed and also stretching me in terms of questions – it was good to see.

A visit to Little Eaton Primary School, Derbyshire

Little Eaton Primary was my destination on 15th March 2022. I was really looking forward to this visit - another new school with over 250 new faces waiting for us to arrive and it did not disappoint – what a fabulous day. The whole school had been reading The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer last week and were excited about meeting the writer in their school, well Lord Ted anyway.


The day started with a full assembly, all 250 in the hall, where I introduced Lord Ted himself, the inspiration for the story and how this links into the strong school values at Little Eaton. Throughout the day it was clear that these values are well practiced with good manners, politeness and kindness shown in all classes. The children's exceptional manners are a credit to the school and their parents.


We then visited the different year groups, focussing on story telling with the Hawthorns and Beech classes and the editing process for Willow, Sycamore and Oaks classes.

The Acorns and Apple Tree classes were drawing their own teddy bear designs for me to see before I left, and I was quite overwhelmed at the standard of handwriting and drawings for Year 1 – outstanding achievement.


Thank you to all the children, every one of them but especially the ones that helped me navigate my way around the school, supported me in the hall and joined me for school dinners. My thanks also to all the incredible teachers of Little Eaton but especially Mrs. Gardiner for all her help in planning the day – I loved every minute of it. I am looking forward to returning and signing some books in the near future!

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A visit to Edge Hill Primary School, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

What an incredible school and wonderful children I experienced at Edge Hill Primary School in Burton on Trent on 4th March - an absolute credit to their school, teachers and parents. Still buzzing after their exciting ‘World Book Day’ the day before, the teachers and children made me feel at home straight away.

We started the day with the hall full of Year 3 & Year 4 pupils introducing Lord Ted and myself. When I walked into my first classroom I was stunned at all the work that has been happening with the book, all the colourful pictures of my different characters, the building of tree houses and fairy houses, the book cover design ideas for my second book, work for the display wall in the main corridor and the preparation for all the questions. I was quite emotional when I saw all the books on desks that needed to be signed and the real excitement around the story - what a day!


In Year 4, when all the excitement calmed down in each class, we worked on ideas to help prepare for the stories they are going to be writing about London and a signed copy of my book is on offer for the best story in each class. Then in Year 3, again after the excitement subsided, we had some excellent Q&A sessions.


I also donated over £2000 worth of books for their reading libraries which will go a long way to supporting these wonderful children with their reading skills.


I collected over 50 entries for our character competition from Edge Hill; the standard was outstanding with so much work and effort with spectacular imaginations and ideas – thank you taking part.


I returned again on 25th March to present some awards at the Year 4 celebration assembly. We had competition finalists and an overall winner from Edge Hill!.

I was so impressed by the class work that had happened using The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted story, from reading, cover designs, character drawings, fairy houses and tree houses (seen below) that each class was presented with and ‘exceptional achievement’ award.

I was also asked to present a writing award – following the workshops I delivered on my first visit, the children were set a task to write a story about London with the focus on structure, punctuation, conflict, and resolution. The winner of each class would receive a signed copy of The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted – well done Daniel, Leo, and Alex for their fabulous work.

Before I left the children presented me with a thank you poster now proudly displayed by my desk to inspire me with the second book, along with a couple of colourful pictures!


Thank you all for making me feel so welcome at Edge Hill Academy – see you soon!

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A visit to Bells Farm Primary School, Birmingham

What an incredible World Book Day Lord Ted and I had a Bells Farm Primary in Birmingham!

I was re-visiting Bells Farm after my initial visit last year and it was wonderful to meet up with my old friends who are now in Year 5 – The Kestrels – such a fabulous class of children who have all grown about a foot since I last saw them.

Bells Farm has the most wonderful children and teachers that made me very welcome on my first ever school visit as an author, so it was right that we shared World Book Day together.

I also donated over £2000 worth of books for their library supporting the World Book Day theme and children at such a critical time of their education.

The day was spent with every year group from storytelling workshops to the editing process. We started the day with a full school assembly and then I moved around to visit each year group. Years 1 & 2 worked on competition entries while Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 worked on the editing process. I picked up a considerable amount of competition entries so picking a winner is going to be very hard.


Such a brilliant day – the children are such a credit to their school and the teachers and parents should be rightly very proud of them.

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Bells Farm 1.jpg

A visit to Church Broughton C of E Primary School, Derbyshire

What a short but fantastic visit to the wonderful Church Broughton C of E Primary School on 1st March 2022.

I had a tour of the school and saw my book featured in the library which made me very proud which you can see below. I was invited to take the morning assembly to talk about The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted and I was delighted to see just how much the children knew about the story from Reception all the way to Years 5 & 6.  

We spoke about ‘Pancake Day’, Traditional Tales, values, storytelling and my competition followed by a very interactive Q&A session.


With this week being ‘World Book Day week’ we spoke about their favourite stories and the shirts they will be designing for the day – my Lord Ted shirt was a great hit.


The children were a credit to their teachers and school, upholding their values; they made me feel very welcome. The school also donated some books towards my quest on supporting schools less fortunate than themselves which was very thoughtful and kind.


Thanks to everyone for such a memorable visit, especially Mrs. Turpin and Mrs. Millington for their support.

A visit to Grange Community School, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

I was certainly looking forward to meeting all the Key Stage 1 children of Grange Community School the day before World Book Day on 2nd March.

A few weeks ago, I donated over £2000 worth of books to the school. Mrs. Cox, Deputy Head Teacher, reached out for support to have enough books for the children to take home to read and we, at Poppy and Lord Ted HQ, could not wait to help. The teaching staff were overwhelmed when they saw just how much we donated all laid out in the staffroom and eagerly took some for their classroom reading areas. I was also looking forward to seeing how far the books have gone to support such a critical stage in a child's education.


After a quick school tour, it was plain to see the books have made such a difference. I had a fantastic morning with the very lively young children in Reception, Years 1 & 2.

It’s easy to engage KS1 children when you talk about Teddy Bears; they were thrilled to meet Lord Ted, draw pictures and listen to further chapters in The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted ready for their Bedtime Story theme for World Book Day.


Thanks for making me feel so welcome and I’m looking forward to seeing some of the World Book Day outfits the children were so excited about.


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A visit to Hilton Spencer Academy, Hilton, Derbyshire

What a fabulous visit to Year 3 at my local village school, Hilton Spencer Academy in Derbyshire on 16th February. A lot of Lord Ted's biggest fans attend the academy and Lord Ted's visit was eagerly anticipated!

After an initial assembly where I introduced Lord Ted and myself, spoke about the book and its values and a very detailed Q&A session, we broke into four 60minute workshops in each class.

We looked at what makes a good story and showed examples of punctuation to bring the telling of a story to life. We then moved to traditional tales and how these have influenced so many good stories through the years; the children were really surprised just how old some of these tales actually are and how they resonate with the values the school promote.

I then asked the children to write one paragraph or list of adjectives that really explains their favourite story, traditional tale, fairy tale or book – what makes it a great story. On offer was a certificate for the best effort to be decided by each form teacher and a signed copy of my book for each class - see below.

We then used elements within The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted to help them prepare for a session later in the week when they are writing a story of ‘what’s behind the door’. Readers of Poppy and Lord Ted will know all about the crooked door, so this helped with some ideas.


It was great catching up with some old friends! I say old, they're 8! They all left happily showing off their Lord Ted Fab Club badges and bookmarks as they went.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr. Churn for inviting me, the support in planning and promoting the day and teachers Ms. Patterson, Ms. Wilkes and Ms. Kirkman along with all the support staff too.

Great fun day! Thank you to the children, who showed impeccable manners and kindness through the day and made me feel very welcome.

Hilton Spencer Academy visit.jpg

Hilton Spencer Academy Blurb winners - from left to right - Jordh, Jay, Tilly and Izzy. The teachers decided to keep the book prizes as class books as everyone had worked so hard. The winners each got a special certificate which was presented in their end of half term celebration assembly:

Blurb Winners HSA 22.jpg

"Year 3 enjoyed a great day with our visiting local author, Mr Tim Jorden, yesterday. Tim, who has written a lovely children’s book called The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted – The First Summer, caught the children’s imagination from the get-go and had them all fully engaged throughout the day. Thorough pre-visit planning and communication with Tim ensured the children really benefitted from his visit and the enthusiasm they put into the work he set for them was incredible. Thank you so much Tim!"

Paul Churn, Head of Year 3, Hilton Spencer Academy

A visit to John of Rolleston, nr. Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

JOR2 trimmed.jpeg

It always brings me great pleasure when I visit new schools and 15th February was just such an occasion, meeting new faces at John of Rolleston, Primary School in Staffordshire.


I would like to say a huge thank you to Headteacher, Mr. Simcox for inviting me and his help in planning and promoting the day along with parents Lottie and Tasha for their support to make it happen. I finally got to meet one of Lord Ted’s biggest fans, Olivia and her little brother Billy too!


We had a packed timetable starting with the reception class and, with the help of 'Mr. Gumpy', we looked at storytelling. In Year 1 we worked with the great 'Poetry in the Box' and I developed a new verse for the children about Lord Ted that led us into what’s great about stories.

With Year 2 we focussed on Traditional Tales, a firm favourite of mine. We looked at how these have changed through the years and how many stories we know today take their inspiration from them. We then worked on using adjectives to describe their favourite tales or stories.

With Year 3, Olivia’s class, we worked on instructional text with the children helping to create a handbook for tooth fairies which was great fun, as well as some great questions and answers.

And finally, Year 4 where the focus was explanation text. Here we used part of the story for the children to explain the process of fairy dust – how’s it made, what is the process and how is it stored – imaginations ran wild.

The competition caused much excitement too across all year groups and I am looking forward to some very imaginative entries.


The children were an inspiration – a credit to their teachers and parents.


Thank you for making me feel part of John of Rolleston for the day – I even got to try school dinners!

Olivia and Billy.jpg

“I am one of the lucky teacher's that has been on the receiving end of Tim's amazing work. He has made such an astonishing difference to our library and the way our children can now enjoy a book”

Mrs. Gill - Stoneydelph Primary School

Stoneydelph mural.jpg