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Lord Ted Fan Club

Lord Ted Fan Club

Learning is fun! In the Lord Ted Fan Club you will find lots of downloadable activities for children to enjoy doing either on a rainy day or on a sunny day when enjoying the great outdoors. We hope these activities help children with their reading and writing whilst having some fun at the same time. Enjoy!


Poppy in the Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted loves to bake. Here are some of the recipes

that Poppy enjoys making for you to try. Please share with us any pictures of your baking.

Nature Trail.png

Poppy and Lord Ted love going on adventures together. Can you help Lord Ted find the things shown in the activities below when exploring the outdoors.

Word Searches.png

Can you help Poppy and Lord Ted find the words hidden in the different word searches below.

Colouring in Pages.png

Here are some beautiful pictures for you to download and colour in. Why not email us your finished creations and we will add them to the Gallery page.


How well do you know the adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer? All of the answers can be found from reading the first book. 

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The First Summer Quiz.png
The First Summer Quiz Answers.png
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