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The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted

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Poppy is an extraordinary young girl who loves spending quality time with her grandparents and Lord Ted, a truly magical teddy bear.

Through her family adventures with her grandparents, Poppy learns life skills and realises the importance of love, honesty, and respect.

In The First Summer, following a school trip to the Tower of London, Poppy and Lord Ted hear that the crown jewels have been stolen and that warder, George Featherbottom has been kidnapped. The hunt is on for Chief Inspector Pickles-Cunningham and his team to solve the crime of the century and to return the crown jewels to the queen. Unaware of the danger before her, Poppy soon finds herself entangled in the mystery and races to save the day.

​In The Return of Saint Nick, we find out that most of the gang are now behind bars and the crown jewels have been returned to Queen Elizabeth. However, with a new team behind him, Saint Nick is determined to get his hands on the jewels. A trap is set to bring the notorious criminal to justice but when it goes wrong Poppy puts herself and Lord Ted in mortal danger to save the future of the British Monarchy.

The story is set prior to the death of Queen Elizabeth II but demonstrates the values our late queen lived her life by and the respect she deserved. Tim’s hope is that grandparents will relate to the joy of sharing bedtime stories with their grandchildren and in taking pride in what their grandchildren can achieve whilst learning these valuable life values.

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Meet the characters

Meet the characters

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Full name:

Lord Teddington of Bearshire


Nanny and Grandpa's house on Honeypot Lane

Lord Ted




Elvina, Oona, Nixie, Jareth, Alfred, Gullveig, Sophie, Belle, Zuzana, Deri, April, Emma, Maisy and friends

Collecting teeth from under pillows and making fairy dust

The Fairies from Meadow Island

Lord Ted

Full name:

Poppy book .png

Lord Ted


8 years old

Poppy loves:

Spending quality time with her nanny, grandpa and Lord Ted, reading books and baking fairy cakes.


Diddlesdale Woods.png



Isabella, Delilah, Amy, Xander, Nina, Zach, Olly, Elga and Emily

Protecting the woods, collecting clean teeth and making fairy dust

The Fairies from Diddlesdale Woods


Where can I buy the Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted books? 


Order The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The Return of Saint Nick - Available now!

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The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer, is now available from the following on-line book retailers. Please click on the links below.

      and many more.


Suppliers for schools

Independent bookshops can pre-order the book from the following book wholesalers.


From the Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer

by T.M Jorden


Sneaky peek extracts from the book 

Poppy rolled on to her left side to see a dazed Gullveig and Jareth on the floor shaking their heads.

“Hello,” she said, “you must be Gullveig and Jareth the tooth fairies, you live behind the blue door don’t you?”

“Oh, hi Miss Poppy, miss,” said Gullveig and Jareth together both elbowing each other at the same time.

“Yes we do Miss Poppy,” continued Gullveig, “and this has never happened before. We’ve been doing this for about 436 years 4 months 1 week and a day and this is the first time anyone has woken up.”

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