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A truly magical tale, beautifully written and filled with adventure. I can see this inspiring lots of imaginative play in children as they create their own Lord Teddington and embark on amazing adventures with him. The author weaves action, humour, and fantasy into the tale to create a captivating story that will satisfy every child's imagination. I foresee this book becoming a classic that will stand the test of time for years to come and eagerly look forward to the future adventures of Poppy and Lord Teddington.

Louise Jane, CEO The Golden Wizard Book Prize

The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted stories have also won The Golden Wizard Book Prize BOOK OF THE YEAR for 2022!!

What an amazing achievement to be recognised as a story that ‘stood out from the rest’ and is a ‘magical read that is inspiring children's imaginations worldwide’ says Louise Jane, CEO of the Golden Wizard Book Prize. The judging team are made up of qualified childcare practitioners, preschool teachers, early years professionals, award-winning authors, illustrators, and professional writers with a vast knowledge of the book industry so I’m overwhelmed I have been chosen out of all the book prize winners.

I asked the Golden Wizard team to donate my prize money to the Book Trust Christmas 2022 appeal sending 16,000 surprise book gifts to children who need them most. Book gifts will be sent to children in care and to children via food banks and other community organisations helping families facing financial challenges – the prize money will go a very long way indeed!!

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Fantastic debut!

From start to finish Poppy, Lord Ted and her adventure in The First Summer, had me intrigued, smiling and laughing. A beautifully written book, which makes you smile, remembering your own childhood, time with your children and grandparents and those many times you dreamt that things like this would really happen.
Characters which capture your heart fill the pages and drift you along with them.
For a debut book this has been an absolute joy to share with my class of 8 year olds who devoured it! So engaging and a source of many discussions, letters, blogs, drawings, predictions and even music appreciation as they found music to suit the characters. A real gem. Can't wait for the next book!


UK Amazon on 22 July 2021

5 Stars.png

I think every child should read this book!


I read this with my 8 year old granddaughter, she was thoroughly enthralled all the way through the book.
It’s a fantasy adventure full of fun and humour.

It also subtly introduces children into important subjects in life such as relationships, respect and consideration for others. The relationship and respect for her grandparents and vice versa is just brilliant. A really good read and we can’t wait for the next adventure for Poppy and Lord Ted.


UK Amazon 10 December 2021

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“A beautiful, gripping, belly laughing page turner of a story for children and adults to enjoy…”

My 4 year old son and I thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully written book. Full of fairies, talking animals and of course the fabulous Lord Ted which kept my little boy completely gripped. I love how close Poppy is with her grandparents, such a beautiful relationship, with so much warmth and happiness - brought me right back to some lovely childhood memories.

We loved reading this together every night before bed. As soon as we approached the final chapter my son started to talk about reading it again. I’ve now purchased a second copy for my nieces to enjoy too. We can’t wait for the next adventures of Poppy & Lord Ted.

Waterstones and UK Amazon 7 December 2021

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A fantastic read!


A fantastic read from start to finish, The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted took me right back to my childhood and brought back lots of happy memories.
The book is well written with a brilliant storyline, making it difficult to put down at the end of each chapter as you really want to find out what happens next.
Perfect to read to younger children or for older children to read themselves. Hope to see a sequel soon as the author really has excelled with his first book.


UK Amazon 27 August 2021

5 Stars.png

Magical Read - place your order, you won't be disappointed!

I bought this book to read with my 5 year old Grandson when he visits at weekends. What a fabulous story based on true family morals and the wonderful relationship Poppy has with her grandparents. It is full of excitement and adventures for Poppy and Lord Ted, her grandfather’s teddy bear. I look forward to reading more of Poppy's adventures in the future. This book is so good that I have also bought it as a gift for my 8 year old god-daughter. Place your order, you won't be disappointed


Waterstones 8 December 2021

5 Stars.png

A wonderful debut

This is a really enjoyable read. A magical adventure with laughs along the way. Through Poppy and Lord Ted we are given a window into a world of wonder, with bickering fairies and helpful talking ducks. The backdrop of Poppy’s relationship with her grandparents gives a real warmth to the story and it’s through that lens that Poppy explores her own developing moral code. I can’t wait to read the next instalment.


Waterstones and UK Amazon on 12 August 2021

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Great adventure book!


Great book that makes an easy and entertaining read - even to my 9 year old who reads more German than English books! Superb story with adventures on the same lines as the famous Enid Blyton books - looking forward to reading the next one! Highly recommended for children and even for adults who want to fall back into their childhood days!


Germany Amazon on 30 August 2021

5 Stars.png

Absolutely fantastic book


My nine-year-old daughter Scarlett absolutely loves this book and she hasn’t put it down and she reads it every day. she wants her own Lord Ted Teddy now . It’s full of adventures , it truly is such a magical book , all young readers should read this book . Definitely give it 10/10 , she can’t wait for the second book to come out.

UK Amazon on 23 March 2022

5 Stars.png

Simply Brilliant


What a wonderful tale with lovely characters. A wonderful escape with a touch of realism and plot twists to keep engaging you in the story. Looking forward to further adventures of Poppy and Lord Teddington.


US Amazon on 23 August 2021

5 Stars.png



What a wonderful read. The story is exciting all the way through with great characters adding mystery and adventure as we go – if only every childhood could be like this. I could not recommend this book highly enough for all young readers; it has everything from fairies to the royal family – I am looking forward to the wedding (spoiler alert) in the next book – let’s hope that is published soon!


Germany Amazon on 12 August 2021

5 Stars.png

A brilliant debut novel

The heart-warming tale of a young girl, Poppy, and her summer spent with her grandparents. She is introduced to Lord Ted and they embark on many wonderful adventures. With a little bit of magic and the importance of a good moral code, this is the perfect bedtime read.
A joy to read, I eagerly await the next adventure.


Waterstones on 15 August 2021

5 Stars.png



What a wonderful book!

Each chapter had depth and detail for a child to fully absorb themselves into the story.
Poppy is a lucky girl to have such great grandparents and Lord Ted of course!
Can't wait for the next adventures.


UK Amazon 20 September 2021

Thank you Mia!

5 Stars.png

Every so often I get wonderful messages from children (and adults) who are reading the book. Sometimes they are letters, messages or reviews on Amazon or other sites, but 5 year old Mia decided to send me a video message telling me how much she is enjoying the story and she is only on page 98!

You can enjoy her message here - how wonderful is this.

I hope one day I get to meet Mia who is, of course, now a member of the Lord Ted Fan Club!

And here is Mia, on her way to school, receiving her thank you letter, Lord Ted Fan Club certificate and Lord Ted Fan Club badge.

Apparently she 'may' have told her teacher that I am coming to visit - so we will just have to sort that visit out won't we!

Thank you Mia!!!

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