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NEWS: School visit turns into the Great British Bake Off

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

After working with Year 3 at John of Rolleston Primary school on 15th February, parents have been dragged to the supermarkets to buy ingredients to make cakes as featured in The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted; The First Summer!!

We used examples from our Lord Ted Fan Club page of recipes to discuss the basics of instructional text which led the children creating a handbook for tooth fairies, which was great fun.

It seems however, that the cakes were such a hit that parents have been seen loading their trolleys with the recipes to hand. The Great British Bake Off is alive and well across the Midlands – sorry parents!

What great fun at John of Rolleston primary school; the children were an inspiration and a credit to their teachers and parents.

Thank you for making me feel part of John of Rolleston for the day!

More information on my visit can be found on my school’s page at

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