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NEWS – TLC and book signing

After my recent illness we were unsure if my book signing on 6th November would take place. But with the help of my fiancée Rachel, we had a great day at TLC Bakery in Hilton – TLC certainly was the theme for the day.

Lots of people turned out to either buy a book or have their book signed. My friends from Etwall primary school turned up with their parents to have their own books signed and enjoy tasty treats from the bakery too.

Derbyshire Police attended to make the day special for the children and fun was had in the police car before they had to leave to attend an incident.

Local resident, Louise, turned up with her two daughters Ellie and Brooke and is reading the story with them each evening and really enjoying it. Thank you so much Louise for letting me know!

What a great day and thank you to everyone for their support, especially TLC Bakery and all the children who Turned up to say help and have their new book signed!!

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