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NEWS – The final bauble found…

I’m delighted that the final bauble in our Poppy and Lord Ted’s Hilton Christmas Treasure Hunt has finally been claimed. This one was hidden deeper in the Hilton Valley Woods.

It was claimed today by the delightful and very polite Felicity with her big brother Eric. They are pictured here with the free signed copy of The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer with Lord Ted in front of their Christmas Tree and their very cool reindeer.

Both Felicity and Eric attend the Hilton Spencer Academy Primary School where I will be visiting Year 3 on 16th February. Eric is in the same Year 3 class as many Lord Ted fans including the Lord Ted Fan Club member of the year Libby Starkey, so it’s going the be great fun – I am really looking forward to visiting my local village school.

Well done Felicity and Eric!!

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