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NEWS: Thanks for making such a £10,000 difference

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

As part of my work with primary schools, promoting my book, I’ve been stunned at the lack of funding they receive. Many are trying to create libraries and reading environments for the children but with limited books and resources.

I reached out to the good Derbyshire people of Hilton, Etwall and Repton for a second time earlier this year, asking for donations and I was inundated with great quality books to give to children’s primary school libraries. I’m still shocked at the lack of funds schools receive for such basics but overwhelmed by the generosity of others to help and support.

I have received and sorted nearly £10,000 worth of books to support this critical part in a child’s education. I still have around £2000 worth to sort through, but no crates left to transport them at the moment. Pictured are crates ready to go to Bells Farm Primary in Birmingham and a second batch to Stoneydelph Primary in Tamworth along with a book trolley!

Also pictured are books from this second reach out that have gone to schools already to Mapledene Primary in Birmingham, Wrens Park in Littleover and All Saints Primary in Alrewas.

So, THANK YOU to everyone that has been kind enough to take the time to sort through and contact me. Your kindness will make a difference!

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