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NEWS: Thank you Toyota Derby

It's all 'go' but despite the current workload with my day job, which is very busy at the moment, writing my sequel, improving my health, working with primary schools, charity events and events promoting the first 'Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted' story, I've not forgotten my quest to support primary school libraries. Many schools are trying to create libraries and reading environments for the children but with limited books and resources.

I have been inundated with great quality books to give to children's primary school libraries in recent months by reaching out to the good Derbyshire people of Hilton, Etwall and Repton; I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of others to help and support. I have received and sorted over £15,000 worth of books so far to support this critical part in a child's education delivering books to schools across Derbyshire, Staffordshire, and the West Midlands.

And now the fabulous team at Toyota Derby have been supporting me. Aside from them collecting so much to support the people of Ukraine in their desperate times, they have also supported my quest by collecting books on my behalf. This first batch, just from the office staff, is destined for Little Eaton Primary School, just outside Derby, to be delivered after the Easter holidays. How wonderful it is for people to give up their time and effort to support local children; kindness makes such a difference.

Pictured here with me outside the main Toyota entrance are Gary Shrimpton, Julie Langley, and Charlee Yeomans. Julie reached out a few weeks back to see how she could help - how wonderful is that!!

On behalf of the teachers and children at Little Eaton Primary, thank you to everyone at Toyota Derby for your support.

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