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NEWS – Stoneydelph Mural

Following my recent visit to Stoneydelph Primary School on 1st October 2021, where I attended their ‘Bedtime Reading Day’ and visited the new library with some donated books I’d collected along with their own copy of The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted, I was sent this fantastic picture of a mural they had made about the book.

On the day the children made their own life size images of Poppy and Lord Ted which can be seen here along with images from the day itself.

​I’m looking forward to my return visit on 19th November to see their work in person and sign copies of their own books. I was due to attend again on Bonfire night, 5th November but had to postpone my visit due to a short illness. Mrs. Gill visited me in the meantime and gave me a pile of handmade get well cards from the children; very moving I have to say.

What a fabulous school and amazing children. Thank you to all the children and teachers for making me feel part of the school.

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