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NEWS: Proud author moments

On 25th March I made a return visit to the wonderful Edge Hill Academy to present some awards at the Year 4 celebration assembly. We had competition finalists and an overall winner from Edge Hill.

I was so impressed by the class work that had happened using The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted story, from reading, cover designs, character drawings, fairy houses and tree houses that each class was presented with and ‘exceptional achievement’ award. Here you can see the work across the whole of Year 4 shown in the main corridor – it makes me so proud when I see things like this.

I was also asked to present a writing award – following the workshops I delivered on 4th March, the children were set a task to write a story about London with the focus on structure, punctuation, conflict, and resolution. The winner of each class would receive a signed copy of The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted – well done Daniel, Leo, and Alex for their fabulous work – seen in the pictures here.

Before I left the children presented me with a thank you poster now proudly displayed by my desk to inspire me with the second book along with a couple of colourful pictures!

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