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NEWS: Poppy and Lord Ted visitors scrapbook!

On my visit back to Etwall Primary School in Derbyshire this week, I was met by some excited children who remembered my last visit back in September 2021, over 6 months ago. So much has changed since then with more school visits and book activity that has exceeded all our expectations.

I was back to present a finalist certificate for our competition and see their new library – how wonderful to see so many books so well presented.

In reception I was asked to sign a book of my September visit that the wonderful Miss. Dawson had created. It was quite emotional to see all the work related to my visit and The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted story, across all age groups, from drawings and adjectives in KS1 to letter writing in KS2 – all laid out in the book for visitors to see.

How brilliant is this!!

Hoping to return to Etwall in the near future to support other activities. Thank you!

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