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NEWS - Poppy and Lord Ted’s Hilton Christmas Treasure Hunt

What an amazing day we had on 18th December with our Poppy and Lord Ted treasure hunt.

We hung 30 Christmas baubles all around my local village of Hilton for the children to find, each containing Lord Ted Fan Club badges, chocolates, and a message! Five of the baubles were winners of a signed copy of ‘The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted; The First Summer’. These were redeemed by bringing the message containing the winning code to the wonderful TLC bakery on the day where they could also meet me and lord Ted to get their books signed. The remaining 25 baubles were winners too – they had the opportunity to buy the book for a one off special Christmas price of £6.99 and get it signed. There were fabulous drinks and cakes available through the day. The event was a huge success and lots of fun for all the family in the lead up to Christmas. The children were very excited to meet Lord Ted at the end of the treasure hunt.

Thank you to everyone that took part. It was an absolute pleasure putting this local event on for the children of Hilton and special thanks to Leanne and Salena at TLC Bakery for being such great hosts.

Congratulations go to Pippa, Zander, Alys, Elin, Albie, Lottie, Bella, Poppy, Isobel, Thomas, Georgiana, Jessica, Phoebe, Deston, and Sofia who were proudly wearing their Lord Ted Fan club badges as they came to pick up their prizes and thanks of course to Lord Ted fan club member of the year Libby.

All the children knew about my visit to Hilton Spencer Academy in February and are all currently reading the book in Year 3 in class – I’m really looking forward to that visit.

Comments left by the parents on the Hilton Spotted Facebook page included:

“Thank you for organising this treasure hunt, the girls loved it and were so excited to win!”

“Thank you so much for organising this, we really enjoyed hunting for the baubles and meeting you and Lord Ted”

“Thank you Albie had a great time”

I’m planning to host an Easter Treasure Quest on Sunday 17th April 2022. More information will be available nearer the time

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