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NEWS: Meeting Megan again and Lord Ted back with Georgia

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

We love a book signing at Poppy and Lord Ted HQ and 10th January saw me return to the amazing Stoneydelph Primary School in Tamworth to meet some old friends, new friends and donate some books for their library.

My lunchtime visit was a rescheduled date from last November when I unfortunately fell ill. I was lovely so see all the boys and girls again wanting their books signed.

I was thrilled to see Megan in particular, who we featured back in November, to have her book signed. Megan had been a reluctant reader before The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted but is now enjoying her reading again - we are so proud of you Megan!

It was great catching up with Georgia again too. Georgia was a big hit with Lord Ted on our first visit, made me an amazing get well card and was near the front of the queue to get her book signed – we love Georgia at Poppy and Lord Ted HQ and hope to meet her again soon.

Thank you to Mrs. Gill and all the wonderful children and staff at Stoneydelph for their support and making me feel part of their family.

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