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NEWS: Lord Ted wins World Book Day character competition

Bells Farm School in Birmingham ran a character competition through World Book Week to challenge their creativity! The challenge was to make a character from a cylindrical tube.

The rules were simple:

  • The design had to be created using cardboard tubes whilst in their original cylindrical shape – that’s the challenge!

  • The tubes could not be wrapped in paper, but it was acceptable to stick things on to create their designs.

  • The design had to represent their favourite book character or book.

  • Any size cardboard tube was acceptable - kitchen roll tube, foil tube, wrapping paper tube.

  • Any medium could be used to achieve their design - felt tip, ink, paint, collage.

The overall winner from the Year 4, 5 & 6 category was my good friend Havana from The Kestrels!

Thanks Havana - a signed copy of my book on the way to you - what a brilliant model of Lord Ted – we think it’s brilliant!!

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