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NEWS - Generosity helps hundreds of children

As part of my work with primary schools I’ve been stunned at the lack of funding they receive. Many are trying to create libraries and reading environments for the children but with limited books and resources.

I reached out to my local community to help a few schools along the way - and look what they came up with - and there is still more to come. Amazing generosity!!

I will be making sure these are put to good use by donating them, along with The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted, to support this critical part of a child’s education. This is what the Life Changing Libraries campaign has been all about and it is fantastic to get involved with this.

Schools such as Stoneydelph Primary in Tamworth and Mapledene Primary School in Sheldon, Birmingham have been lucky enough to receive some of these books so far. Mapledene Primary used all their funds to pay for agency teachers to help with Covid absentees meaning they had no money to stock their new library. I am still collecting, so please let me know if you have any so I can help other schools too.

I do not have to collect them - please support your local schools by donating well-kept books directly of you have them spare - it matters!

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