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NEWS – Cutting the ribbon…

I was delighted to be invited to the Mapledene Primary School Summer Fayre on 25th September to meet the Head Teacher, Miss Stephenson and Miss Young who heads up the development of their new library.

We spoke of the lack of funding for primary schools in general, but also the lack of funding for books. This is exactly what Cressida Cowell life-changing libraries project is all about. I'm thrilled that not only would they like a copy of my book for their library, but they would like my support on the opening day of their new library on 12th November too - what an honour to be asked to cut the ribbon!!

The image as shown here is a recent issue (8th October) of the Mapledene Primary School Newsletter promoting the launch of their new school library and my forthcoming visit to their school.

As part of my visit, I will be donating not only a copy of my own book, but lots of other books that I’ve collected from my local community recently. I hope these books will help make a difference to lives of all the young children that visit the new school library.

More news to follow

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