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NEWS: Book blurb writing winners at Hilton Spencer Academy

What a fabulous visit to Year 3 at my local village school, Hilton Spencer Academy in Derbyshire on 16th February. A lot of Lord Ted's biggest fans attend the academy and Lord Ted's visit was eagerly anticipated! After an initial assembly where I introduced Lord Ted and myself, spoke about the book and its values and a very detailed Q&A session, we broke into four 60 minute workshops in each class. As part of the workshop, I asked the children to write one paragraph or list of adjectives that really explains their favourite story, traditional tale, fairy tale or book blurb – what makes it a great story. On offer was a signed copy of my book for the best effort to be decided by each form teacher and here are the winners: from left to right - Jordh, Jay, Tilly and Izzy. The teachers decided to keep the book prizes as class books as everyone had worked so hard. The winners each got a special certificate which was presented in the celebration assembly today.

Just fabulous!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr. Churn for inviting me, the support in planning and promoting the day and teachers Ms. Patterson, Ms. Wilkes and Ms. Kirkman along with all the support staff too. Great fun day! Thank you to the children, who showed impeccable manners and kindness through the day and made me feel very welcome.

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