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Updated: May 1, 2022

As you may have seen in previous news articles or on our social media pages, I have been inundated with great quality books to give to children's primary school libraries by reaching out to the good Derbyshire people of Hilton, Etwall, Repton and Burton; I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of others to help and support. I have now received and sorted over £18,000 worth of books so far to support this critical part in a child's education delivering books to schools across Derbyshire, Staffordshire, and the West Midlands.

And now the fabulous team at Toyota Derby have been supporting me collecting books on my behalf starting with their office staff. These, along with other collections from Hilton and Burton on Trent, worth just over £3,500, were delivered to Little Eaton Primary School who were overwhelmed by the number of books they received.

Karen Gardiner, Deputy Headteacher and Head of English at Little Eaton said “A huge thank you on behalf of our whole school community for the books. The children were very excited by the prospect of such a wide range of new reading material when we shared the news in assembly this afternoon.”

Paul Schumann, Headteacher who thankfully was there to help carry them all in was speechless at the generosity of others to support their school.

How wonderful it is for people to give up their time and effort to support local children; kindness makes such a difference.

Pictured here with me and the books which are stacked over three tables, are the school librarians ready to sort them all out and place them in their new homes. On behalf of the teachers and children at Little Eaton Primary, thank you to everyone at Toyota Derby and local people of Derbyshire for your support.

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