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I cannot believe it’s 12 months since we launched The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer. We have achieved so much since then, inspiring children to take up reading and write their own stories.

It has been an amazing year for me meeting hundreds of children and teachers on my school visits inspiring me for my second book. I have attended many schools across the country, held assembly’s, conducted workshops, readings and even opened a school library. I have been honoured to be asked to hand out prizes for excellent work and asked to attend fetes and events. The story has resonated around its core values which have been in line with the values I see being taught at many school’s day in, day out. Our future is bright if these amazing children continue on their path of understanding and learning.

We have collected over £20,000 of books for school libraries too.

I have experienced nothing but kindness and respect along my journey and I’m excited we will continue this with the sequel being announced on 20th September, so look out for that, followed by the launch on 15th October!

Thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way and who has promised their support moving forward.

What a year!

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