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This is Elizabeth receiving her first library card, a letter and little gift we sent her recently - a Poppy and Lord Ted limited edition bookmark - its going to come in handy!

Lizzie is a big Poppy and Lord Ted fan, in fact the whole family are with mum, brothers and sisters all coming to our new book launch on October 15th.

Her sister, Tara, calls them the No.1 supporting family of The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted.

But the best thing is the note I received from her mum Jemma….

“… you have inspired Lizzie to read so we recently joined Etwall library with her brothers. Her library card came in the post yesterday and will be taking some books out this week. But if it wasn't for you I would of never discovered that Derbyshire library also have an app where you can download ebooks to read which is keeping her busy in the meantime.

Thank you”

Now that's what it's all about... getting children to read, use their imagination and educate themselves.

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