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INCREDIBLE COMPETITION TIME - Calling all aspiring writers – see your name in print!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Over the past few months T.M Jorden has visited many classrooms. A lot of time has been spent talking about characters, in some classes even creating new ones - so with this in mind we have come up with a great competition for you all to enter...

We'd like you to put pen to paper and create a new meaningful and relevant character for the next Poppy and Lord Ted book. The adventure continues in a second book that will be released before Christmas this year, but we are offering the opportunity for one of you to have your character and name featured in the next published book!

Think about and explain who your character should be...

- Are they a male or female, child or adult?

- Could they be an additional fairy or animal?

- What would their name be?

- What do they look like, what would they wear?

- How do they sound?

- What would they add to the existing story – are they good or bad?

- What adjectives would you use to describe them?

Use your incredible imaginations for this amazing one off prize and accompany your description with a picture too if this helps. Think about how your character will fit in with the existing story - are they a friend of an existing character? Could they be a new fairy with a specific set of skills? Are they an animal? Could they have links to Kensington Palace or Diddlesdale Woods? In other words they have to link to The First Summer - they can't be a transformer or marvel superhero as they would not continue the story.

You can purchase a copy of The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted; The First Summer from Amazon to help you understand what character would fit. The more descriptive you are the better - you need to help T.M Jorden imagine what you are describing - we do not need a story or back story necessarily, just a detailed description of your character.

More than one idea? Then enter them all!

T.M Jorden has seen some spectacular handwriting and story writing on all his school visits - Lucy and Samantha at Etwall Primary School are budding young writers for example – so get writing all!

There will be two age group categories - KS1 and KS2, UK only. The closing date for this competition is Thursday 3rd March 2022, to coincide with World Book Day. The lucky winner of each category will receive a £20 Amazon voucher to spend on books. You may enter as many times as you like. One of these will then be chosen to be featured in the story as well as being credited at the beginning of the book. The top 5 entries for each category will receive a certificate, a signed copy of the new book and will be featured on

T.M Jorden will then work with the winner to weave their new character into the story for book 2 ready for the book launch later this year.

Please email your written entry and picture through to us at with your name, age, school and class by Friday 4th March 2022 and Good Luck!

T.M Jorden will be our final decision judge and winners will be announced by 20th March 2022.

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