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Hello Henry - Character Competition Winner review

Congratulations again to Henry Walker Plowright from John of Rolleston School in Staffordshire, who won the Key Stage 1 category with his entry called Tommy Rainbow who is a fairy that helps people when they are sad. Henry’s colourful picture and wonderful description really stood out for me so it’s time to meet Henry and find out more about him and his character creation…

I got to meet Henry at his beautiful home in Rolleston with his mum and dad and very chatty little sister Harriett.

Henry will be 7 in October, just after our book launch party where he will receive a copy of the book with his name proudly displayed and his character written in the story. He is excited to share the adventure with the rest of his family so has already placed an order for Christmas presents – that’s what I call planning ahead. I know his parents, family and teachers were very proud of him for the win, and it was well deserved. Mr. Simcox, headteacher at John of Rolleston School, was beaming with pride when Henry received his certificate.

As I got to know Henry a little more I found out, and after cross-checking with dad, that he supports Norwich City FC, which is a long way from home, but he has grandparents there and travels to Norfolk quite often. I also discovered that Henry loves his cricket and is looking forward to playing at the Cricket All Stars at Rolleston Cricket Club in the summer. Henry also likes, and is quite good I am to understand, swimming both in a pool and the sea. He very excitedly told me about his holiday in Portugal and cannot wait to return. He explained, with a big smile on his face, about camping in Norfolk too, marshmallows around the campfire and stargazing at the big wide night sky that Norfolk has to offer. He loves nothing better than eating sausages and most Fridays, when his more local Grandma and Grandad visit, eating his favourite Fish and Chips – me too Henry!

What an active young man Henry is, with climbing ‘on anything’ top of his list along with jumps on his scooter, water fights, trampolining and being with his best friends Archie, Harry, and James.

I also discovered that Henry is just as happy indoors reading, drawing, playing with his Lego, and making things. He is currently reading not only ‘The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted’, which I signed for him before I left, but ‘Dog Man; Unleashed’ by Dav Pilkey who is the creator of the brilliant ‘Captain Underpants’.

One of the things that impressed me most with this delightful young man is the importance he places on helping 3 year old Harriet; Henry helps Harriet with her writing and being a very caring older brother, something his mum is very appreciative of. This caring nature certainly comes through with his character, Tommy Rainbow, whose main role in life is to care for others by making them happy when they are sad.

After a cup of tea we spoke more about Tommy to make sure I capture all the attributes Henry wants in his character. Tommy wants to understand why someone is sad and find a way to encourage people; what a wonderful outlook to have Henry, we could do with more Tommy’s in our lives. If all else fails Tommy can make people laugh with his dancing and terrible jokes. We both shared our favourite jokes which Tommy will use in the story, and I got to understand why Tommy is to be dressed so colourfully, like a rainbow.

As I write elements of the story that contain Tommy I will share these with Henry to make sure he is happy. I’m looking forward to seeing Henry again soon – thanks for inviting me to your home.

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