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Not long to go now unitl the new book launch on 15th October 2022.

And I'm absolutely delighted to announce our guest for the teachers and children for the evening.... Mrs. Music's Memory Makers!

Here’s what she had to say:

Dear Poppy and Lord Ted Fans,

I am super excited about meeting and singing with you all on Saturday 15th October. I would like to thank Tim for inviting me to Derbyshire so I can spread my passion for making learning ' stick' in a way that brings much joy and laughter.

My publishing name is Mrs Music's Memory Makers and I am a retired Primary teacher who is now trying to share what worked best for me whilst enabling the children (and I) to have such a happy time during my 30 plus years of teaching full time in the schools I was fortunate to teach at in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

I composed catchy raps; rhymes and songs to help my teaching to 'stick' and discovered that the combination of this - along with all the usual methods of teaching - ensured that no child ever 'slipped through the net.'

I have always wanted to share my secrets on a wider scale... and in 2019, I started doing this by publishing my 'Talking Times Tables' which have already helped hundreds of children to have lots of fun whilst learning their times tables. Please have a look at my website: to see how they are used differently in whole class teaching; with only 2 children or by adult and child.

My second publication: 'Tick and Tock and Their 3 Teaching Clocks' uses the concept of real Tawny owls to teach the difficult concept of 'past' and 'to.' This is done through rhyme (being repeated as often as necessary) and interaction with 3 special owl clocks.

If you want a new and different singalong this Christmas; I have written one called 'Putting up the Christmas Tree' which helps children to understand why many people celebrate Christmas. This is achieved by children asking their teacher lots of questions and their teacher answering these questions through the medium of song.

I also write songs and usually gift them to schools and authors or anyone who I think they will help in one way or another. There is a song on my website called 'HOPE' which is an acronym for Hope Offers People Everything. This is on my website and is free to download.💚

I have also written a song about Poppy and Lord Ted and would love to teach it to all the children on October 15th.🎤🎹🎵

Thank you for reading,

Mrs Music x

Really excited to meet Mrs Music and support her at our book launch.

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