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ARCHIVE NEWS: Poppy and Lord Ted Fan Club Member of the Year 2021

Libby Starkey Libby lives in Derbyshire and has become Lord Ted's Number 1 fan for 2021! Here's what she had to say.... "My name is Libby Ellen-Lynne Starkey, I am 8 years old. My hobbies are Acro, Dance, Hockey, Swimming, Cheerleading, Reading, Cricket and Arts & Crafts. I love spending my time with my family and best friends. I love creating new things, drawing and painting. I like seeing my Nanna & Grandad in their pub and I have lots of Adventures there with my cousins Harry & Maisy and my little brother William. My favourite colour is Purple, My favourite food is Pasta, My favourite time of year is Christmas."

"I also have a special teddy like Lord Ted, his name is Flop and my Mummy made him for me out of my baby blanket. I take him with me on lots of Adventures. He particularly liked our holiday in Benidorm with Mummy, Daddy & William where we stayed in a caravan and had lots of fun.

I am really really enjoying reading The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted. My favourite part so far was the camping holiday that they went on with Grandpa and Nanny. I love Reg The Duck who thought he was a chicken he was very funny. He makes me laugh so much. I am really enjoying reading this book and I find I don't want to stop when I am reading it. I also like how Poppy carries Lord Ted on his shoulders as I like to do that with my Flop whilst we are having Adventures.

I have been extremely lucky and I have managed to hold Lord Ted myself which was fab. When I held him he felt fluffy, soft and warm and made me want to cuddle him a lot."

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