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ARCHIVE - A visit to Stoneydelph Primary School, Tamworth

“I am one of the lucky teacher's that has been on the receiving end of Tim's amazing work. He has made such an astonishing difference to our library and the way our children can now enjoy a book”

Mrs. Gill - Stoneydelph Primary School

What an incredible morning at Stoneydelph Primary School on 1st October 2021 – what a welcome and what wonderful, polite, well-mannered, and excitable children I found in Years 5 & 6. Parents and teachers should be very proud of them all.

As part of my work with primary schools I’ve been stunned at the lack of funds they receive. Many are trying to create libraries and reading environments for the children but with limited books and resources. So, after a quick tour of the school, I visited the new library and dropped off the donated books I’d collected along with their own copy of The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted. All the children and staff, along with Lord Ted and myself, were sporting a fantastic array of pyjamas to support the ‘Bedtime Reading Day’ and I was amazed just how many new books the children had brought into school to build out the library to support future classes for this critical part of a child’s education.

The morning was spent with both age groups in the hall introducing myself, the book, and Lord Ted. I spoke about the book and the inspiration to write the story. With both year groups studying the Tudors, the activities related to researching facts for the plot around The Tower of London fitted perfectly for the workshops. The children’s knowledge of what they had learned shone though and they could relate to the element of research. There then followed some splendid work with either drawing of The Tower or making their own life size images of Poppy and Lord Ted for the library followed by some great and challenging questions. I was lucky to have Georgia to look after Lord Ted and the outstanding achievements of both Chloe and Kelsey won them their own signed copies of the book which we presented at a prize giving with bookmarks, badges, and Lord Ted Fan Club certificates.

What a fabulous return visit on Monday 10th January to sign copies of the children's (and adults) own books and donate more than £1000 worth of books to the library - see my news and blog page - thank you to all the children and teachers for making me feel part of the school.

And I will be returning in February 2022 with another £2000 worth of books for their library along with a new book trolley!

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