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ARCHIVE - A visit to Bells Farm Primary School, Birmingham July 2021

Updated: Jan 17

Year 4 ‘Robins’ at Bells Farm Primary School in Birmingham reached out to me and were the first to receive copies of my book. I was absolutely thrilled to hear from them and how they are embracing the story and using the book in some of their classes.

I was so overwhelmed by their response and how they love the story that I took a couple of hours out from my schedule to do a surprise visit to meet the Robins before the summer term 2021 ended. What an amazing welcome and incredible class of well-mannered children. In addition to how they are embracing the story and using the book in some of their classes, I got to read them an extract, listen to them read and be asked some deep, challenging and well thought through questions from wanting advice on how to become a writer, wanting to know how Grandpa received Lord Ted in the first place to when will the film be released – if we ever get that far all the ‘Robins’ are invited to the premiere. And of course, I took Lord Ted with me who was a big hit shared very carefully around the class. Everyone was wearing their Lord Ted Fan Club badges and I gave each of them a signed personalised Poppy and Lord Ted bookmark which caused more excitement than I had anticipated.

I’m astounded how they really understand the story and take time to understand the characters and most importantly the tremendous reviews from everyone; children can be overly honest sometimes as we know, but the feedback has been incredible.

More school visits can be seen on my schools page.

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