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NEWS - A right Royal occasion...

Earlier this year I was thrilled to receive a very special letter from Kensington Palace on behalf of The Duchess of Cambridge.

How wonderful is that!

I sent a copy of The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer to the duchess and the children for a very special reason along with a badge each and a signed bookmark.

The duchess plays an important role in the story along with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis in my children’s story.

Here’s a little extract…

As they left the restaurant they could see a large black car outside with two very burly looking gentlemen in the front. The duke and duchess got into the back of that car, understanding they would follow Jonny on the short drive back to Nanny and Grandpa’s house. Mary got in another car with a driver in a police uniform after saying her goodbyes.

Nanny, Grandpa, Poppy and Lord Ted got into Jonny and Sue’s car. “Oh, my lord I hope I’ve not left any of my knickers on the radiator in the hall,” said Nanny and they all burst out laughing. “Good job we had a good clean up before we leave tomorrow,” she said still laughing but nervous.

“It will be fine my love,” said Grandpa, “they’ve seen knickers before.”

“Not mine they haven’t,” she replied as they pulled into the driveway, “I’ll run in and check if you can stall them for 30 seconds.”

When they arrived, Nanny ran into the house like an Olympic sprinter followed soon after by Poppy and Lord Ted.

“Quickly straighten the cushions Poppy please,” said Nanny pointing at the sitting room to Poppy as she ran into the kitchen checking all the radiators. Poppy ran into the front room and looked at the cushions. There was nothing at all to straighten, everything looked just like a picture in a magazine, so she was sure Nanny was just anxious over nothing.

Then the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the future king and queen of England walked into their front room.

I hope they enjoyed the story, but it is great knowing they have a copy of my book in Kensington Palace!!

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