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It's not too much to ask is it...

Core values underpin my children’s book, The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted; The First Summer. These are Love, Honesty, Respect, and a sense of taking Responsibility.

As we all live through the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic we have witnessed a vast array of values demonstrated by people. In the UK we had the incredible feat in 2020 by the late Captain Sir Tom Moore who took Responsibility, at the age of 99, to walk around his garden to raise money for the National Health Service – the outpour of Love towards not only him but his charitable cause astonished many of us. He raised millions of pounds that will support many even though he has now sadly gone. Yet conversely we also saw a lack of Respect and sickening abuse directed to the same person because of the fact he had become famous and had what others have not – a man who worked all his life to support his family and others was now derided on social media and beyond; fortunately his family ensured he did not see such things – what an awful experience that would have been for the man. It defies belief really that we seem to live in a world where it’s ok to abuse people or where it’s always someone else’s responsibility or fault.

I have a social media account for my book and I only hope I do not experience the same. I also have a personal social media account; one I use for my friends and family but one that I also use as a diary of what we do. We want to live our lives to the full, enjoy and see as much as we can. People questioned why I travelled so much, and I have seen unsavoury comments which were swiftly deleted so my accounts became private. I travel so I can come back and go somewhere else. I travel to see things with my own eyes, increase my knowledge, experience things for the first time and meet people. I travel because I’m lucky enough to be able to - one day we won’t be, and that time has come quicker than expected. Indeed, during the pandemic travel has been very limited so I am grateful for all that has gone before but I certainly did not expect this to be the case so soon. My recent heart attack won’t curtail things but it certainly makes you think about how things can change so quickly and how short life can be. On my personal social media, I post pictures because that day will come when I will be unable to travel anymore or maybe remember where I’ve been; I can reminisce. I post to inspire others to travel, try new things and widen their view of the world and hope my children and grandchildren will do the same.

As Dr Seuess said with reading, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”

My first Poppy and Lord Ted book, The First Summer, has a foundation of these core values – love, responsibility, honesty, and respect through family, fun and children’s adventure. As my grandchildren get older and their reading improves, I wanted to create a story book that helps them imagine a world that is good, where people are respectful and demonstrate what’s right and wrong. The world is a truly beautiful place if we all live our lives respectfully, honestly, and responsibly; it’s not much to ask is it?

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