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ARCHIVE: A visit to The Oval School, Yardley, Birmingham

"Amazing to meet a REAL author, we loved going through the crooked door to wherever we wanted." Hasnah

"I love the fact that Poppy was based on his granddaughter, it was interesting to find out where authors get their characters from."


"He made us laugh and gave us rewards as we were working with him on our writing, I loved it. I loved it so much I went and bought his book that evening. I wish he'd write more books." Sumaiya

"I got to hold Lord Ted, he smelt nice. I can't believe it's about his granddaughter and I think he is a character in the story too."


I was delighted to visit The Oval School in Yardley, Birmingham on 26th November 2021. I spent time with year 4, as they were reading The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted at that time.

The morning started with a year 4 group assembly to introduce myself and Lord Ted and have a Q&A session about being an author. These Q&A sessions are always great fun.

We then ran writing workshops in each class based on the specific learning objectives set by the teachers – these being creating characters and their feelings. We ended the day with a ‘Good Work Assembly’ for years 4, 5 & 6 where I awarded three signed books for great work and effort in English so far this term.

I will be returning in the summer term to spend time with another year group and to undertake a book signing for everyone that has a copy of The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted since this visit.

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